Edinburgh Festival Show 2018

This page is for anyone interested in my 2018 Edinburgh Fringe show.

I’m writing it right now! Hopefully I’ll be bringing it to the same venue at the same time of day as last year’s show, but that’s to be confirmed.

If you click the link below and get on my mailing list, I’ll update you when the show info is ready for public consumption!

Also, I’m putting together a live CD of the best bits of my last three Edinburgh shows. That should be out by December 2017, so if you’re on the list, I can let you know about that, too!

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Hope to see you at my 2018 Edinburgh show! Here’s the blurb for my 2017 show. I’ll leave it up here so you can get a flavour of what I do:

Christian Reilly: 

LOLternative Rock

Perrier award-winning musical comedian gives LOLternative facts, yuge laughs and bigly hits. Featuring Depeche Mode: own personal Jesus vs nationalised Jesus, Ed Sheeran: #GingerElvesMatter, Drake: quack! Plus: Radiohead on karma police brutality, Foo Fighters on singing in ALL CAPS, The xx on roman numerals, Aerosmith on transgender elevators and much more. “Blisteringly funny” (Stage) “Hysterical” ****(ThreeWeeks) “Hyperventilating with laughter” ***** (Student) “The comedy equivalent of Motörhead slamming straight into Ace Of Spades” (Scotsman) “Amazingly high-quality” **** (Broadway Baby) ‘Seriously funny’ (Richard Herring) “Funny sonofabitch” (Rich Hall)

The show will be on at the Liquid Room Warehouse, 9c Victoria Street, 5th-27th August, 5:20pm every day.

Victoria Street winds down from the George IV Bridge to Grassmarket. If you’re having trouble finding it, tweet me @christreilly and I’ll do what I can to assist, but may have my hands full!

The show is part of the wonderful PBH’s Free Fringe, which means you don’t book, you just show up –  it’s free to get in and you can donate on the way out if you feel like it. No pressure.

Here’s the Facebook fan page: www.facebook.com/christianreillycomedy

If you give this a like and a share, it’ll make me look popular!

Here are some nice reviews of my previous shows (have a click!):

Bunbury Magazine: “A talent without compare” ★★★★★

Broadway Baby: “An amazingly high quality show”

Broadway Baby: “Extremely funny”

The Scotsman: “The funniest songs I’ve heard in a long time”

Hope to see you there!

In the meantime, have look around the rest of my site, come to a gig and/or get in touch using social media.

Or ask me anything via email: christreilly@outlook.com

“Funny sonofabitch” Rich Hall

“Seriously cool, seriously funny” Richard Herring

“Blisteringly funny songs” The Stage

‘Hysterical’ ★★★★ ThreeWeeks

‘Hyperventilating with laughter’ ★★★★★ The Student

‘Amazingly high-quality’ ★★★★ Broadway Baby

5 thoughts on “Edinburgh Festival Show 2018

  1. Kathy McLauchlan says:

    Absolutely brilliant. It was definitely the best Edinburgh Fringe show I’ve ever been to (and I live in Edinburgh). If you ever have the time to make a DVD of this show, I’d love to buy it just to relive it – looking forward already to getting your other DVD.


    • Ah, thanks Kathy! I’m planning to bring out a live CD this autumn with the best bits from the last 3 years on it. I’ll send a mail-out when it’s ready, so hopefully you’re on my mailing list? If not, the form is on my homepage and at the top of this page. Thanks again for coming!


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  3. Graham Blease says:

    Saw you yesterday in Edinburgh..bloody brilliant..the most entertaining show I saw at The Fringe this year..hilarious..thanks.


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