Selling Hot Air

Like a lot of industries, the comedy industry goes through tough times during a recession.

When this happens, comedy is not going through a tough time – people still want a laugh, but fewer are buying tickets and taking chances on lesser-known comics or club nights.

I reckon those of us who are committed to creating stuff and putting on a show will prevail, one way or another.

Just so you know I’m not wearing rose-tinted specs, I’ll say it – survival is the new doing well.

When the going gets tough, remember:

When you started, you had to be really resourceful to get gigs, fail at them, keep getting more, keep turning the material over, wrestling with negativity every day. There were no “how-to”s, degrees, or “Dummies” guides.

You are so resourceful, the hot air that comes out of your mouth now translates into food on the table. That’s quite something.

Maybe you’re newer at selling hot air, and haven’t made a sale yet. You’re facing down all of the above, just in the hope that it will lead somewhere*. That takes some rare and valuable qualities. I hope you recognise that you have them.

My point is: If we can slay these dragons, we can slay other ones.

When the going gets tough, just look at how resourceful you’ve been.

If we didn’t all have dad issues, we’d be quite dangerous!

*If you don’t quit, it will.


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