“Anti-Americanism is a very interesting concept. It’s a concept that only exists in totalitarian states.”

Being critical of the Trump administration and its policies doesn’t make you anti-American. Being critical of Netanyahu and his government’s policies doesn’t make you anti-Israel.

As a person advocating for Palestinian human rights, I want a peaceful and secure Israel. I think the only way for that to come about is if Palestinians have their human rights upheld.

I think non-violent tactics (such as BDS) to pressure Israel to live up to its obligations under international law is a rational and moral course of action – and a tactic that has worked before.

“Anti-Americanism is a very interesting concept. It’s a concept that only exists in totalitarian states. For example, if someone in Italy, let’s say criticizing the Berlusconi government – they are not accused of being anti-Italian. In the old Soviet Union you could be condemned for being anti-Soviet, in the Brazilian military dictatorship you could be anti-Brazilian. But aside from the US, I don’t know any other non-totalitarian, non-authoritarian country where the concept even exists. That’s a very striking concept. If you’re critical of policy – you’re anti-American. Actually, this has a very interesting Biblical origin.  The first use of this concept was by King Ahab, who was the King of the ultimate evil in the Bible. He called Prophet Elijah to him and asked him why he was a hater of Israel, meaning condemning the acts of the evil king. That’s basic concept: if you challenge authority, you’re opposed to the society, the culture and the community.” – Noam Chomsky


4 thoughts on ““Anti-Americanism is a very interesting concept. It’s a concept that only exists in totalitarian states.”

  1. Patrick Milne says:

    Really enjoyed your show in Knaresborough last night – The Tommy Robinson number was inspired and terrific and you should definitely keep in in the routine.

    My American wife was terrified John Robinson who was on after you would speak to her and identify her as a yank.

    She’s as horrified by Trump as any other sane person.

    I’m an ordained (online) minister and married my wife’s sister and brother in law a couple of years ago. They are both Trump voters. I’ve considered annulling their marriage.

    Brilliant show – we all had a great evening!


    (Easy on the Chomsky though, I’m old enough to remember his very enthusiastic support for the Khmer Rouge and the murder of over a third of the population of Cambodia).


    • Thanks Patrick. And thanks for the thoughtful comment. Please show me where Chomsky enthusiastically supported the Khmer Rouge and the murder of over a third of the population of Cambodia. Thanks.


  2. Patrick Milne says:

    Hi Christian,

    I wrote my university dissertation (many years ago) on the French Indo-China war and have read extensively on the conflict from the nineteenth century roots to the late seventies.

    I followed the coverage and comment on both sides of the Atlantic and in South East Asia as it happened – I’m that old.

    Noam Chomsky’s views on the Angka are not a secret and his support for Pol Pot’s year zero policy is well documented, though he has tried to deny it periodically.

    Whilst I’m happy to have invested my time in reading and research, I’m not inclined to give it away for nothing when there’s a world of knowledge and information freely available out there.

    Great show last night – my sister bought your CD – all the best!



    • “I mean the great act of genocide in the modern period is Pol Pot, 1975 through 1978 – that atrocity – I think it would be hard to find any example of a comparable outrage and outpouring of fury.” —Noam Chomsky.

      Doesn’t sound very pro-Pol Pot to me.


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