Outnumbered And Outgunned Doesn’t Mean You’re Wrong

I wrote this to a friend who had campaigned very hard for a Labour victory, but I’ve modified it a little because I want to say it to anyone who put any effort into moving our culture to the left in a really hostile environment over the last few years.

I know we can’t just tell our emotions what to do, but I hope you take some time out to do something that makes you happy today.

Being true to yourself should make you happy. Be proud that you were true to your values.

Being on the progressive left, pushing against the dominant worldview often means you’re going to be outnumbered and outgunned. It doesn’t mean you’re wrong.

The election just told us something that’s hard for us to hear about the political conscience of the country right now – but you don’t change that by denying who you are going forward.

Progressive politics has come a long way since feudalism, and it’ll go further. We’re in a two-steps-back moment right now, but it won’t be forever. You inspired and emboldened people. You make me feel less alone.

Thankyou. X


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