Download instructions

Note – You don’t have to download any Dropbox software, or sign up to Dropbox to get the album.

The Dropbox site will try to get you to download its software and sign up to its service. Just ignore the prompts. Here are the steps:

1) The first thing you’ll see is a pop-up saying “Sign up for Dropbox to keep this file safe”. Click the “x” and it’ll go away.

Click on the blue “download” button on the top right hand corner of the screen (no need to sign in or create an account).

2) You get the option to “Download as .zip” or “Save to my Dropbox” – click “Download as .zip”.

3) Again, the site will ask you to sign in or create an account. Click “No thanks, just download the folder” at the bottom of the box.

4) The folder containing the nine MP3s that make up the album (and two artwork image files) will download to wherever your downloads download to. You can play them from there, or put them in your iTunes library, or however you like to do things!

Hope this is not too tricky, get in touch with me if you’re having problems.

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