Maybe You Were Put On Earth To Muck About

In bits of my comedy act, I sing like a real singer would. Sometimes people say afterwards, “You should do music for real”.

I did and I do, but in my experience, if you show up in a place where they’re expecting a musician to show up, and you do music – all in tune and what-not – well, that’s just what they were expecting you to do.

Thank you, Music Guy, for doing exactly what we expect from music, you’re like a CD, but a person. Thanks, here’s some indifference.

Les Dawson had much more success – screwing up the notes and not worrying about a record deal.

In the Wordpress ebook about blogging, it features two writers, one with 60,000 readers, another with 24,000 readers. They both have a similar story. “I started off writing about (x) and then I tried writing about (y) and suddenly things took off”.

It’s a solid case for mucking about and putting yourself under a real deadline to do it. Without the pressure of a delivery date, these writers might have walked away from their experiments, missing out on their undiscovered passions and a tribe of thousands who care about the same thing.

They say if you’re a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. Maybe we’re Swiss Army knives!

Back to screwing up the notes!

Have a great weekend! Muck about!

PS. Yes, I know someone will accuse me of being some kind of tool, before you start.