Never Mind The Genitals

Here’s a musical joke involving a medical practitioner.

Some people don’t like musical comedy. The polite ones I meet say to me, “I don’t like musical comedians, but you were alright…”

I know female comedians who get similar feedback: “I don’t usually find women funny, but you…”

I bet there’s a version of this compliment for Asian comics, comedians who juggle and so on.*

I also bet no-one has ever walked up to a heterosexual, cisgender, straight (non-spesh), white, male comedian after a show and said, “I don’t normally find straight, white guys funny, but you…”

As a heterosexual, cisgender, straight, white, male comedian would say, “What’s up with that?”

People see a musical act they don’t like and say musical comedians aren’t funny.

People see a female act they don’t like and say women aren’t funny.

Stop blaming the guitar. Stop blaming the genitals. It’s better to understand that you just didn’t find one particular person funny on one occasion.

*The exception must be Jewish comedians. I imagine their version is reversed: “I normally find Jewish comedians hysterical, but you…”