Freedom Cancer!

Yesterday was a good day for net neutrality.

Some of you may be scratching your head. What’s net neutrality?

Forgive my simple and probably fuddled thinking, but this is the way I understand it. The internet was developed at the Pentagon, at expense of the American taxpayer (thanks, guys!) and now, if we want to make an incremental change to the internet, we can make millions – as we’re all sure to do, as we all invent the next Google or Facebook.

But! Legally enforced net neutrality says I can’t just invent a virtual tollbooth that slows down some data transmission and speeds up other data transmission, depending on whose ideas I like, or who has bribed me the most.

Gah! Another business idea bites the dust!

“Net neutrality” probably came out of the same think-tank as “global warming”. Global warming actually sounds nice.

If only the minds that brought us “death taxes”, “bed-blocking”, “job-killing” and “death panels” were in charge of framing the net neutrality debate, we’d all be talking about Freedom Cancer.

If you happen to be one of the three people who haven’t seen John Oliver talking about net neutrality, you probably need to!