Education Should Be Free

Hi everybody! I started posting about politics and economics on my Facebook page quite a bit recently, so I thought I’d post here as well. If you want to join in on Facebook, I’d love it if you friended me up. I think I try to be nice, and try to make sure everyone else who joins in stays cordial. Of course you can comment here, but I’m quite enjoying Facebook. Here’s what I posted today:

It’s my feeling that education should be free*. For everyone. Until each individual is the brainiest they can be. It’s my understanding that governments sovereign in their own currency (like ours) can make any sum of money (in pounds) available for anything it wants by deficit spending. It doesn’t spend tax money when it does this. It creates the pounds when it spends. 
If we all knew this, the politicians we’ve had to suffer through on the Sunday shows today would have to change their tune or get laughed out of their jobs. I think if enough of us understood macroeconomics just a little bit, political debates wouldn’t be about “affordability” and “running out of money”, but about what we think should be provisioned, based on what would make us proud as a nation. Every single one of us would get to be the most resourceful we could be, regardless of background. Our nation’s real wealth would increase. This would be great for all of us. 

Say hi if you want to know a bit more.
In fact, here’s a bit more if you’re interested in what money actually is:
(*Free meaning you, (the person getting the education, or anyone else who will eventually benefit from your education) don’t pay in pounds. Of course there is a cost in real resources (not pounds) – if we put too many real resources (people, hardware, etc) into education and not enough into, say, growing food, we’ll starve. I understand that and obviously that’s not what I’m advocating.)


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