The Extreme Centre Out-Babying Everybody, Right On Cue.

Seeing some radicals out there today actually pearl-clutching over the Trump Baby Blimp, saying that it’s “unprofessional”, or unseemly, or some other nonsense of Sadiq Kahn.


What would they be posting if Kahn hadn’t issued the permit – on the grounds that it might offend Trump and his supporters/apologists?

Probably nothing much, because as every centrist extremist knows, right-wing people aren’t themselves responsible for the things they think and feel. Right-wing people are made right-wing by the radical left calling them names.

This is why Count Dankula must have his free speech defended, but anti-Trump protesters must… Think Of The Discourse! “Civility” at all costs!

I swear, weak centrist ideologues have been scooping up and bagging so many forms of subtle and unsubtle right-wing dogshit for so long, they don’t know they’re starting to get it on them.


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